A brief little something about yours truly

I grew up in Southern California and spent a lot of my time with my Grandparents. Their amazing garden still inspires my work today.
Some of my earliest memories are of dreams and of drawing. One time I drew with juicy pomegranate blossoms on my Grandma’s patio walls. Another time I used red crayon all over my room.
I loved the color red.

I moved to San Francisco in 1983 to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. I loved and hated the intensity of SFAI. There were times that it was really hard for me enter the courtyard and walk down the ramp to the painting studios. Sometimes I took long breaks from school. I graduated with a BFA in painting in 1991.

I attended John F. Kennedy University for graduate school. I entered the School of Holistic Studies and studied studio art in the Arts and Consciousness department. I engaged in deep explorations of my art making process as well as the art/spiritual connection. I earned my MA Arts and Consciousness Studio Tract in 1994

When I am painting I think about friends and family, dreams and memories, and my surroundings.
I still love the color red.