New Beginnings

Thoughts on artwork and other stuff

Welcome to my new site. If you that have not visited my previous websites, they were a little more traditional in that I posted my CV, bio and exhibition resume plus lots and lots of images. I found that those sites were static and unfulfilling. This site is a little bit of an experiment. I want to show images of past artwork and of art that I am currently working on and I want to write about that work. I want to explore topics that interest me and that I find inspiring. I guess this is more of a journal/sketchbook than an artist’s promotional site. I will attempt to be more transparent about my process and a lot more present in terms of writing about what my artwork means to me… and occasionally, other topics will pop up too, themes like intentionality, impermanence, connections, and dreams.

I have a goal to update weekly but sometimes it will be more often and sometimes it will be less. I guess I am also exploring stepping away from rigidity while also practicing consistency. Thanks for visiting and for your patience while I build this thing out. Here goes nothin…or rather here goes everything